Questions About Game Rules

September 18, 2011  

Sometimes during the days of competition, you may realize that something in the rules just does not seem to be very clear. This is OK. However, the volunteers of Jubilee BEST wish to stress the importance of reading all of the rules again when you have questions.

Here are some basic steps to follow when you have questions about the game:

  1. Read the Generic Game Rules again.
  2. Read the Specific Game Rules again. If there is confusion over some other aspect of the BEST competition besides the game, re-read the appropriate documents relating to your questions.
  3. If your question is still not answered, proceed to the Official Q and A to read all of the questions and answers already submitted.
  4. Discuss everything you have read with other members of your team to decide collectively whether or not your question is not already covered.
  5. If your question is still not answered, and you have exhausted all of the steps above, you are welcome to submit a new, clearly-written, well-explained question to the Official Q & A.

To reach the Official Q & A, visit the official BEST website ( and choose the option for “Official Q & A” in the top menu.


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