** Jubilee BEST Update 8.27.17
Good morning BEST teachers and mentors!
Yes, summer is about to end and school is about to begin, but the most exciting part – It’s BEST Season!  Hopefully, you are smiling!
Few updates:
1.  New BEST Teacher & Mentor Workshop – thank you for those of you who have already registered, especially new teachers.  This is a perfect workshop for any additional teachers, parents or industry mentors who plan to work with your team.  This will take the stress off of you explaining the details of the program, they would be trained and ready to go!  Please encourage them to register by next Tuesday, Aug. 1st.  A flyer is attached and additional details are posted below ———
2.  Conde Systems Sublimation Open House – Also on Saturday, August 5th, Conde will host a Sublimation Open House and BEST teachers are invited BUT you must register.  Visit Conde.com to register and to obtain additional information.
3.  New Jubilee BEST video – have you viewed our newest video?  Many of your BEST students are in the video! Visit our Jubilee BEST Facebook page to view or watch on YouTube.  Please share with others!  (you are allowed to post the video on your team’s website…not a problem)
4.  BEST Teaser Video for Crossfire 2017 can be found at bestinc.org.  
5.  Important Dates for 2017 can be found at jubileebest.org 
Again, we encourage ALL NEWBIES to register for the Teacher/Mentor workshop ASAP to ensure a seat and lunch!
BEST and thanks,
Robin and Kellie
Additional Workshop Information:
Saturday, August 5th, we will host a NEW teacher/mentor workshop.
Location: Evonik Corporation – 4201 Evonik Rd. Mobile, AL  36582
Time: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Lunch:  Provided by Evonik. (Let’s applaud them for their support!)
Who attends:  Any new teacher, mentor or parent who will be teaching the students the skill sets to be successful.  There is no limit to the number you can send. ALL new schools MUST send a minimum of one person. 
Topics:  Overview of BEST, 42 Day BEST Calendar, BEST Award specifics, Kit items, Software and more!
How to register: Go to https://bestteachermentorworkshop.eventbrite.com  to register or click HERE.  
Note:  BEST is an extremely rigourous program, yet rewarding for all.  Please encourage mentors and parents who will be assisting with your team to participate in this workshop.  Having everyone aware of the components of BEST will provide a stressfree experience!
Please share this within your BEST family and encourage any “newbies” to attend.