We are ready for BET THE FARM 2016!

Jubilee BEST will Bet The Farm in 2016

Bet The Farm is competition based on farming and agriculture and is currently being developed by Kansas BEST in Wichita.

The 2016 Jubilee BEST dates have been set.  Mark your calendars:

  • BEST Industry Night – September 13th – Davidson HS
  • Kick Off Day – September 17th – Davidson HS
  • Mall Day – Oct. 22nd – Bel Air Mall
  • Jubilee BEST Game Day – Oct. 29th – USA Mitchell Center
  • South’s BEST Regional Championship – Auburn University – date to be determined

Summer Camps 2016

(download an informational flyer – click HERE)

All camps will take place on the Faulkner State Community College Campus on Friday, July 15th and Monday, July 18th.  Participants will be required to attend both days.

Lunch will be provided by Faulkner State Community College.

Please choose ONE of the camps below to participate.  You will not be able to register for both.

Camps are free and open to any BEST student, teacher, parent or industry mentor.

Camp 1:  BEST Mini-Summer Camp 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. “SolidWorks” and “Grippers, Gears and More”

  • Open to BEST students, teachers and mentors
  • Attendees will learn SolidWorks one day and “Grippers, Gears and More” on the opposite day
  • Cost: Free but MUST register
  • Free student copy of SolidWorks
  • “Grippers, Gears and More” will be a hands-on session to gain a greater understanding of robot design. Safety protocols will also be taught

Register for Faulkner State BEST Mini-Workshop – Click HERE

 Camp 2.  MathWorks Simulink 9:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

  • Open to BEST students, teachers and mentors
  • Cost: $20 per attendee payable to BEST Robotics, Inc.
  • Free download of MathWorks Simulink and MatLab
  • Will use MiniQ robots with Arduino Leonardo controller
  • Curriculum will be applicable for the VEX/BEST controller

Register for MathWorks Simulink Training – Click HERE

The two teacher workshops, Manufacturing a Robot, hosted at the Airbus Training facility are both full.

We will be hosting additional online training sessions later in the summer.  Sessions and dates will be posted soon!